Life-Changing Playroom Design | Reclaim Play Part 2

The Parenting Junkie shares life-changing playroom design hacks that will turn any home into an independent play haven. ( Tour my playroom makeover of the 5 play zones that encourage independent play for kids and learn how to organize toys and play areas even if you have only a living room or tiny apartment to work with. Manipulate the environment and get your child playing independently for hours every day in my FREE parenting course (available until April 26) that will get you the design tips that will change your life!

Designer Turns Home Into Play-Inducing Haven
00:00 The postpartum, puke disaster
03:00 My decision to stop working for my home
07:14 What churches, casinos, airports, and play areas all have in common
09:32 The 5 zones that changed everything
12:58 What you *should* be manipulating
15:31 How to get 3 hours of play a day

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